SmartPay Program

SmartPay provides an easy, convenient payment structure that spreads your total fuel bills over 11 months. Eliminate high fuel bills during winter months by conveniently spreading out more manageable payments over the year. If your actual fuel use is a little higher or lower than estimated, you can settle up at the end of the heating season or roll the adjustment into the following year’s program.

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This program has allowed thousands of Valley Oil customers to take the burden of delivery payments in the heating season and spread them out over the duration of the year. With one call we can set up your account, and give your family the protection and comfort of a stable, consistent budget plan.

Price Protection
When you add Price Protection to your SmartPay plan, your fuel price is guaranteed not to go above our price cap, no matter how high the market prices go. The SmartPay Program uses a monthly budgeted amount combined with Price Protection to keep your annual energy payments capped and secured.
Call 609-466-0015 today to hear more details and to sign-up for the security and peace of mind of the SmartPay way. Click here for Smart Pay Brochure


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