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Valley Oil is a proud supplier of AMERIgreen Bio-Heating Oil. We currently provide all of our customers at least a 2% blend of biofuel in our regularly delivered heating oil.

Bioheating oil is a clean-burning, renewable biofuel made from a blend of conventional heating oil and
ASTM-certified biodiesel. Bioheating oil is compatible as an alternative fuel oil for use in conventional oil heaters and requires no system modifications for blends up to B20 (20% BioFuel and 80% petroleum heating oil).

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Benefits of using Bioheat:
Clean-burning, renewable fuel
Low emissions for improved air quality
Dissolves built-up gunk and grime left behind in tanks from petroleum for a more efficient heating system for the   entire heating system
Higher system efficiencies = more money in your pocket!
Bioheating oil is produced in America, thereby supporting our energy independence and reducing our reliance on foreign oil

Diesel & Gasoline Fuels
We deliver premium diesel and gasoline fuels to bulk storage tank facilities.

Please call us to sign-up for BioHeating Oil, Diesel or Gasoline fuels.


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